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Not all bifold doors are created equal. At Hausmann we offer you one of the very best. Manufactured in the market leading German-engineered Schuco aluminium bi-fold system, we're able to offer our customers access to one of the most rigorously manufactured folding doors. We check everything and then check again so when it arrives on site, you know it is going to be correct as per order.



The Schuco bifold door system has led the market for a decade or more for a reason. With clean sightlines and 'screaming' quality, it has end user appeal in bucket loads.

It also goes together perfectly and features tonnes of scope for adjustment on site, which make it far easier to fit and to achieve a flawless installation, than any other system on the market.

German engineered, it is comfortably capable of accommodating individual panels of 1,200mm wide by 3,000mm high or as a system, spanning apertures of up to 18 panels wide, all with a 10-year guarantee.


Technical overview:

  • Slim sight-line frame (from 60mm face widths), featuring rounded profile corners

  • Standard 70mm depth designed to provide smooth internal line to plaster

  • Smooth running system featuring four stainless steel wheels with left or right hand and inside and outside opening.

  • Easy installation: fully adjustable 10mm width/height to achieve positive seal.

  • Advanced gasket system to provide exceptional weather tightness (watertight up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208). Hinge gaskets also included to prevent draughts.

  • Advanced thermal barrier systems to deliver glazed product WER/U-value as low as1.8w/m2.K Fully compliant with DIN EN 10077.

  • Capable of accommodating glazing units of 6-45mm with triple-glazed framing option available.

  • High security performance featuring dedicated BSI Kite marked cylinder locks and shoot bolt system which lock into top and bottom tracks (WK2 security compliant).

  • Low threshold

Available in made to measure sizes:

  • 2,400mm x 2,090mm 3 panels

  • 3,000mm x 2,090mm 3 panels

  • 4,000mm x 2,090mm 4 panels

  • 5,000mm x 2,090mm 5 panels

  • 5,900mm x 2,090mm 6 panels


*Please note, standard bi-folds are only available in colours from our standard range, see colours below.

Leaders in energy performance:

Our systems are manufactured to exceed current U value building regulations. The internal aluminium frame sections are separated from the external with a thermal barrier minimising any heat loss. In addition, we fit high performing glass sealed units specifically designed to reflect heat back into your home.

The combination of a thermal barrier, multiple weather seals and high performing glass maximises heat retention in your home, increasing fuel efficiency and helping to minimise fuel bills.

More bounce for the ounce:

We offer a top quality stylish product with high insulation values. Our doors will exceed your expectations in terms of mechanical and thermal performance.

Fully Adjustable:

This is a very important consideration when purchasing a folding door. Natural expansion and settlement of building materials may result in the requirement for adjustment after installation.

Unlike most other folding door systems our product can be fully adjusted with ease, ensuring that the door will always be fully functional and weather proof.

The Schuco bifold door system has led the market for a decade or more for a reason. With clean sightlines and 'screaming' quality, it has end user appeal in bucket loads.

It also goes together perfectly and features tonnes of scope for adjustment on site, which make it far easier to fit and to achieve a flawless installation, than any other system on the market.

German engineered, it is comfortably capable of accommodating individual panels of 1,200mm wide by 3,000mm high or as a system, spanning apertures of up to 18 panels wide, all with a 10-year guarantee.

A finish to suit every project :

The doors can be finished in one of our standard colours (see below) or a choice of over 200 RAL colours.

The powder coat finish is applied to the aluminium extrusions in a factory controlled environment ensuring a high quality finish. For coastal locations the finish can be upgraded to marine grade.


Our doors are used for a range of domestic and commercial applications such as:

Open plan living areas, Sun Rooms, Balconies, Swimming Pools, Garden Buildings, Restaurants, Showrooms.

Serious with security:

Security is always an important factor when purchasing a door for your home, and our product has been designed with this in mind.

We only fit police approved Secured by Design multi point locks on the main doors, which are operated with BSI Kite marked key cylinders.

All intermediate panels have concealed steel shoot bolts that engage securely into the top and bottom tracks. Toughened safety glass is fixed into the panels with beading on the inside so it cannot be removed from the outside.

Better the weather you know:

The door system is designed for all European climates. The panels and frames have multi layered rubber weather seals ensuring resistance to the worst of the weather.

The Hausmann Schuco Bi-folding door is a beautiful German engineered aluminium bi fold door system, it is a robust and superbly engineered product and is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. The doors are built to a commercial standard and will therefore give you decades of reliable trouble free use. The ultra slim frames are both stylish and offer the flexibility to provide you with a unique and attractive addition to your home or property. They maximise light coming in to your property, optimise views and living space and therefore transform the way you live your life and enjoy your home.


We apply the same strict manufacturing discipline to all our products. Using one of Europe's leading aluminium systems, Hausmann Bi-folding Door goes through the same rigorous checks as our sliding doors, so that on arrival on site fitting teams don't encounter problems or lose time.

Our bi-fold doors can be manufactured folding to the left, right or to both sides. A pass door can be incorporated in the system, which can be used like a normal external door, leaving the other panels locked in place. 

For practical reasons most people choose to open the doors to the outside, but they can be manufactured opening inside if required. The illustrations provided are just a sample of possible openings, for more options please speak to your advisor. 


If you are at the design stage of a project you could select one of our standard sized doors listed below. They are available in our standard colour range and can be manufactured in any opening configuration. A very cost effective solution.

Choose from the following sizes:

  • 2400 x 2090 3 Panels
  • 3000 x 2090 3 Panels

  • 4000 x 2090 4 Panels

  • 5000 x 2090 5 Panels

  • 5900 x 2090 6 panels

Locking options:

Slimline handle:

Choice of either traditional lever / lever handle on main door, or slim line handle.

Lever / Lever handle:

A traditional lever / lever handle provides a latching facility similar to that of a standard front or back door.

A lever / lever handle should be used on main entrance doors, or doors that have high a volume of traffic/people opening and closing the door on a regular basis, such as doors that will be operated by the general public in bars, restaurants, showrooms etc.

Note that a lever / lever handle does not enable the doors to fold back flat upon themselves. A magnetic door stop is used to hold the doors back in the open position and protect the handle from hitting the door.

Our slim line handles are a fold back flush handle specifically designed for bifold doors:

  • Slim line exterior and interior handle ensures door leafs fold back flat

  • Shootbolt locking with mortice deadbolt for added security

  • Available in a wide range of standard finishes, including white, black, chrome and satin silver

Note that the slim line handle does not offer a latch function. If you require a latch function then a standard lever / lever handle is required.

With a 10 year guarantee, these are available in either black, white, silver and Innox (stainless steel effect).

Our expert team will help you specify the right system for your next project. From initial specification to packing and shipping we can help you.


Hausmann has developed a carefully selected hardware range to accompany our bifold door offer.

Simple, clean and stylish, handles compliment the elegant and contemporary sightlines of our doors while also delivering exceptional performance.


We're committed to exceptional product quality and service. We employ checks throughout the fabrication process to make sure that our bi-fold doors are the perfect fit and deliver faultless performance.

System accreditations:

  • Watertight up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208.

  • Thermally efficient and compliant with DIN EN 10077.

  • WK2 security rating in accordance with DIN EN V 1627.

Manufacturing accreditations:

All bi-fold doors from Dutemänn are manufactured to a standard in accordance with ISO 9001.



Hausmann bi-fold doors are factory finished in a standard powder coated finish in any colour of your choice from the RAL colour selection.

The colour samples are reproduced as accurately as possible on this page, but please be aware that individual computer monitors may vary slightly when displaying colours. Due to the extensive choice of colours available we are unable to supply paint samples.



Bi-fold doors from Hausmann are manufactured in the market leading Schuco bi-folding door system which combines incredible structural integrity with unrivalled elegance.

Capable of accommodating individual panels of 1,200mm wide by 3,000mm high or as a system, spanning apertures of 3 up to 18 panels wide, they deliver the flexibility for a host of applications.

With stacks of end-user appeal, this includes contemporary high-rise living to garden rooms, orangeries and conservatories.

We have also supplied a number of commercial installations from car showrooms to restaurants.



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Such is our confidence in the quality of our bi-folding door, Hausmann in conjunction with Dutemann provide a 20 year mechanical parts guarantee. 

Our products are manufactured with pride and care, but on the extremely rare occasion that a problem arises we ensure that it is rectified with as little inconvenience and hassle to the Customer as possible.


Hausmann shall, however, not be liable for inter alia: 

  • Damage caused by poor maintenance, inappropriate maintenance products or air pollution.

  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by the improper use of the aluminium profiles or for instance by inappropriate storage or handling, shocks or scratches as a result of vandalism, etc.

  • The consequences of an abnormal load.

  • Dirt that can be removed by appropriate and/or regular maintenance.

  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by repairs carried out to the aluminium profiles by third parties.

  • Damage caused by the use of products that are not intended to come into contact with the aluminium profiles.

  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by unforeseen phenomena and/or force majeure (rebellions, civil wars, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) or by direct exposure to non- natural sources of heat or UV radiation, or by explosions, etc. (this list is not limitative).

This warranty can be invoked only if Hausmann has been granted the right to inspect and examine the defects and damage to the aluminium profiles concerned and the possible causes thereof.


Once the installation of your Hausmann bi-folding door has been completed, you MUST register your product for the 20 year warranty otherwise you will not be covered. You need to register your product within 14 days of the installation date. When Hausmann has processed your registration you will be issued with an insurance certificate number. Without this certificate number you are not insured therefore if you do not receive it within 28 days contact Hausmann. If you have any questions contact us on (01) 216 4951.

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