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Our unique Glide-S gearing system lifts the sash to deliver effortless opening and closing of up to 400 kilos per panel. This innovation and the inherent structural integrity of the aluminium system, means that it can easily span an aperture of 6.7m wide by 3.2m in height in just two panels.

The combination of slim aluminium sight-lines and our superb lift gearing means Hausmann Glide-S will give new architectural flexibility for a client who desires a patio door, delivering maximum glass area without the interruption of multiple mullions.

With masses of appeal in contemporary new build, high rise and roof-tops or more traditional installations, Glide-S can provide a highly innovative glazing solution to a wide variety of projects.

With a 10-year guarantee and manufactured to Hausmann's exacting standards, Glide-S elevates the inline sliding patio door to reach new horizons.


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email to find out how Hausmann Glide-S can support you in opening the door to new markets.

Serious with security:

Fully Adjustable:

This is a very important consideration when purchasing a folding door. Natural expansion and settlement of building materials may result in the requirement for adjustment after installation.

Unlike most other folding door systems our product can be fully adjusted with ease, ensuring that the door will always be fully functional and weather proof.

The Schuco bifold door system has led the market for a decade or more for a reason. With clean sightlines and 'screaming' quality, it has end user appeal in bucket loads.

It also goes together perfectly and features tonnes of scope for adjustment on site, which make it far easier to fit and to achieve a flawless installation, than any other system on the market.

German engineered, it is comfortably capable of accommodating individual panels of 1,200mm wide by 3,000mm high or as a system, spanning apertures of up to 18 panels wide, all with a

10-year guarantee.



Hausmann Glide-S represents cutting-edge innovation in fenestration technology. The Glide-S unique gearing allows the product the flexibility to span very large apertures without the need for multiple mullions, giving an unhindered view of a wonderful vista. Making the Glide-S a modern contemporary alternative to the bi-folding door.

Highly thermally efficient, able to achieve

U-value as low as 1.3w/m2.K, with superb weather performance. Available in standard and non-standard RAL colours, Hausmann Glide-S will redefine your expectations of patio doors.

Technical overview:

  • 47mm mullion, allows for maximum glass area.

  • Unique gearing system lifts sashes on the lifting of the door handle to deliver effortless opening and closing of panels of up to 400 kilos per panel.

  • Closed system rests over weather seals to provide exceptional weather tightness.

  • Low threshold incorporating concealed drainage ensuring excellent water evacuation.

  • Exceptional structural integrity gives the system huge flexibility. Capable of spanning an aperture of 6.7m wide by 3.2m in height in just two panels.

  • Thermally efficient featuring thermal-breaking zone and cross-linked polythene insulation.

  • Capable of accommodating a sealed unity of up to 55mm including triple-glazed option to achieve U-value as low as1.3w/m2.K

  • Mono, double, triple and pocket track options deliver flexible opening option to suit every application.

  • Multi-point locking and high security cylinders offered as standard.

  • 10-year guarantee.


Hausmann has developed a carefully selected hardware range to accompany our bifold door offer.

Simple, clean and stylish handles compliment the elegant and contemporary sightlines of our doors while also delivering exceptional performance.

  • Introducing Glide-S Sliding Door Hardware: a complete line of hardware for interior sliding Bi-Fold, By-Pass, Pocket and Wall-Mount doors.

  • Hausmann Glide-S offers classic hardware solutions for sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and entrance doors. Our door hardware collection features a broad range of size and weight options. Architects and builders will find everything they need to specify Knape and Vogt door hardware, including the finest customer service team in the industry.

  • The Hausmann Glide-S name means quality and innovation, with products that are designed and built to last a lifetime. We deliver superior products at an exceptional value.

  • Manufactured to the highest standards Hausmann Glide-S provides exceptionally clean sightlines with all gearing and operating mechanisms contained within the frame and tracks. 

  • Hausmann understands the importance of accurate and easy-to-access architectural specifications. We offer Construction Specification Information (CSI) Specifications for our Sliding Door Hardware program with technical data, ANSI/BHMA standards, and performance features in easy-to-download RTF format. Our Sliding Door Hardware architectural specifications are also available in the catalogue, website, and installation instructions, in very specific sizes, and they arrive at the site pre-cut, de-burred and ready to install. Look no further than Hausmann Glide-S the UK and Ireland's premium line of sliding, folding and pocket door hardware systems.

  • Our range of handles has been selected to compliment the door's contemporary design. Available in white, black, silver and brushed stainless steel, they provide a simple and refined finishing touch to a stunning inline sliding door.

  • Fabricated to deliver lifetime performance, they come with a 10 year guarantee as standard.

  • Our expert team will help you specify the right system for your next project. From initial specification to packing and shipping we can help you. Sliding glass doors have at least one door panel that glides smoothly past another door panel to save room where you need it inside or out.




We apply the same strict manufacturing discipline to all our products. Using one of Europe's leading aluminium systems, Hausmann Glide-S goes through the same rigorous checks as our bi-fold doors, so that on arrival on site, fitting teams don't encounter problems or lose time.


Glide S Sliding Doors

Classic door hardware for Glide S sliding doors. Simple to install. Built to last. We offer easy-to-install hardware solutions for lightweight to mid-heavyweight sliding doors. Our sliding door hardware is constructed using superior materials and is engineered to perform well in high-traffic environments. Perfect for a broad range of applications from pantries and closets, to room dividers and laundry facilities.

System accreditations:

  • Weather testing (*door size 4,000mm x 2,400mm x 2 sashes)

  • Class 4 air permeability in accordance with EN 12207:2000

  • Class 9A water tightness in accordance with EN 12208:2000

  • Wind resistance EN12210:2000

  • U-vlaue1.3w/m2.K in compliance with BSEN14351 (*door size 2,000mm X 2180mm and sealed unit thickness of 28mm).

  • Convenient gliding, space-saving design

  • Energy efficient

Manufacturing accreditations:

All sliding doors from Hausmann are manufactured to a standard in accordance with ISO 9001.



glide-s 8m wide sliding door
Sutton installation sliding door glide-s
Aluminium Glide-S Sutton Installation


We have developed a standard colour range which maximises the appeal but also suitability of Hausmann Glide to a wide range of installations. As with our bi-fold door offer, we're also able to offer a non-standard choice of 200 RAL colours.

All of our non-standard or standard finishes feature a high quality powder coat finish applied in a factory controlled environment of a minimum of 60 microns plus. The finish is also fully anodised to guarantee through-life performance.

In common with our bi-fold ranges, we are also able to offer a choice of marine-grade finishes for installations in coastal locations.

schuco colour chart

Hausmann Glide-S standard colour options:

Gloss White: RAL9016

Anthracite: RAL7016

Black: RAL9005

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