The PURe® Tilt/Turn window gives a contemporary look and operates in 2 ways. It can be tilted open inwards from the top of the sash for ventilation, or the turn function can be used to open the window inwards from the side. The same handle is used to tilt, turn, open and lock the window. The inward opening design gives safe access to the window for cleaning, whist the tilt feature allows ventilation with restricted access to prevent children from climbing out. This makes Tilt/turn windows particularly useful for high-rise apartments. 

  • Weather Rating tested to BS 6375-1:2009 achieving 600Pa air permeability, 600Pa water tightness and 2400Pa wind resistance.

  • Able to receive double or triple glazing up to 50mm for maximum thermal and acoustic performance

  • U-Values as low as 0.71 W/m²K when calculated as a commercial CEN standard window

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